Body Waxing in Fairfax, VA

Get rid of your unwanted body hair woes. At Indus Salon & Boutique, we specialize in providing body waxing in Fairfax so you won’t have to go through the routine of constantly shaving your legs.

What is waxing?

Waxing is a semi-permanent method of removing hair from the root. It is a quick process which produces smooth results that will last for 4-6 weeks. Waxing is done by applying warm wax onto the area which, when removed, uproots hair. Body waxing is a safe method of hair removal which will have a lasting effect if done by a trained professional. The end result? Silky smooth skin!

Why body waxing?

Waxing is an effective procedure that removes large amounts of hair quickly and safely to produce long-lasting results. It also tends to make hair re-growth softer instead of coarser, which can be the case when shaving.

Body Waxing in Fairfax at Indus

At Indus, we offer professional body waxing in Fairfax, VA. Choose from our broad range of waxing services to eliminate unwanted hair growth.

Our Waxing Services:

  • Eyebrow Waxing
  • Upper Lip Waxing
  • Arm Waxing
  • Leg Waxing
  • Stomach Waxing
  • Bikini Line Waxing
  • Back Waxing

We understand your body is unique, which is why the type of wax we use differs from person to person. Prior to the actual waxing procedure, we will conduct a test to identify which type of wax is best for you.

Safety and hygiene are other important areas we focus on. At Indus Salon & Boutique, you will be serviced only by licensed and trained estheticians who practice proper hygiene and use only sanitized equipment.