Eyebrow and Facial Threading in Fairfax, VA

Threading is an all natural, ancient form of hair removal from India that is gaining widespread popularity worldwide. At Indus Salon & Boutique, we offer professional eyebrow and facial threading services in Fairfax, VA, carried out by trained estheticians.

How is Threading Done?

An anti-bacterial cotton thread is used to remove unwanted hair from the root. The esthetician will twist the thread and roll it over the skin to gently pull the hair from the follicle. Our experienced threading specialist can remove facial hair and shape your eyebrows beautifully using just a cotton thread. Afterwards, relax with a mini, moisturizing massage to soothe your skin.

Eyebrow Threading

Never underestimate the power of a perfect set of eyebrows! A well-tamed brow can do wonders to your look by framing your eyes and drawing attention to them. They can also give you a more groomed and youthful look by giving you the illusion of higher and shapelier brows. It’s no wonder eyebrow threading is dubbed as ‘the 5 minute facelift’!

Consult with our estheticians to find the best shape and thickness of eyebrows for your face structure. Your face structure will determine what shape of eyebrows will look best on you.

Facial Threading

Many of us are not comfortable with having facial hair. Threading can be used to remove unwanted hair from the face easily and naturally. We especially recommend it over waxing for clients with sensitive skin since there are no chemicals or heat involved!

Why Eyebrow and Facial Threading?

Threading, unlike other methods of hair removal like shaving and waxing, does not make use of chemicals that can irritate your skin. Threading is recommended by dermatologists as it is hygienic, all natural, and doesn’t use heat. Skin is left soft and smooth after the eyebrow and facial threading procedure. People who regularly thread also experience slower hair growth.